To start matching, follow our easy step-by-step onboarding process.

1.    Click the SIGN UP button in the upper right corner of the SpankMatch homepage to create an account.

        When prompted, enter your email address and create a password. Once done, you will be sent a verification email.

2.    Go to your email and click the VERIFICATION BUTTON.

        Verification is required to access your account.

3.    Log in and click VERIFY NOW to start the age verification process

        You must pass our age verification to edit your profile.

4.    Complete your profile.

        The more information you fill out the more successful your profile will be.

        Your profile must meet the minimum criteria listed here in order to be considered for professional verification.

5.   Review the requirements to get professionally verified.

       Reviews typically are completed within three business days of profile completion.

       You can reach out to at any time to check the status of your profile.