Click the circle in the upper right hand corner and select MY PROFILE, then click the PENCIL icon to start editing your profile.

Make it personal. Use your profile to tell the community who you are and what you’re into.

Start by completing the BASICS information section.

You should complete as much information as you are comfortable with to get the best results out of SpankMatch.

When uploading photos only use recent sexy snaps-no throwbacks, please.

You must click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the BASICS section to save your changes. Using the back arrow, back button, X icon, or clicking on the SOCIALS or WRK tab will discard your changes.

The following items are REQUIRED before your profile can be considered for professional verification.

  • Avatar photo will be displayed on search results.
  • Gallery photos are viewable by anyone who can see your profile. At least one photo is required, and the first galley photo uploaded will be displayed if your profile is featured on the homepage.
  • Display name is the name shown across the site.
  • Username is used to generate your URL and can be used for logging in.
  • Social media links are how people look you up. At least one is required for verification.

Next use the SOCIALS tab to link all of your social media accounts to your profile.

At least one link to social media is required for your profile to be considered for professional verification.

This is your chance to highlight your available content, so be sure all of your links are up to date.

Include at least one link where people can contact you since users cannot contact each other through SpankMatch.

Use the WRK tab to add your preferences and interests.

You can toggle PREFERENCES up top, and add or remove TAGS of your interests below.
Be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES button when you are done to not lose your changes.