What is SpankMatch?

SpankMatch is a networking directory for the adult industry, built by those in the industry, exclusively for those in the industry.

Why SpankMatch?

Finding adult talent to collaborate with is harder than ever these days. We want to help you safely call all the shots when it comes to when and how you work, which kinds of projects you sign on for, and who you choose to work with. With SpankMatch, you can seamlessly search for people who want to work on projects that align with your interests and standards, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are verified talent.

Who can join SpankMatch?

Currently SpankMatch is only for US-based models who are actively filming content with other models. In the future, we plan to open things up to include other vital to the industry positions such as photographers, hair stylists, cosmetologists, directors, agents, set managers, etc.

What SpankMatch is NOT

SpankMatch is NOT for people outside the adult industry. Additionally, SpankMatch is NOT for soliciting adult services. Escorts, prostitutes, strippers, massage therapists, or anyone else engaging in physical contact for payment without the intent to film and distribute the content commercially will not be allowed on the platform. Users found to be offering these services will have their accounts permanently banned.