SpankPay is a great way for adult entertainment sites to collect payment for services via crypto and debit cards. However, there's a few things you should know before you begin integrating SpankPay into your site:

  1. Is your site focused on the adult/porn industry?
    • SpankPay was built to work exclusively with the adult industry. At this time, we cannot support sites that do not fall within this category.
  2. Is your site ready to accept varying payment amounts?
    • With crypto, we cannot guarantee that a client will transfer the same amount of money that the invoice requests.  Partial payments can be common.
    • Our most successful partners implement their own internal credit systems, and utilize the SpankPay SDK to allow their users to purchase credits via crypto.
    • A well implemented setup will parse our webhook for the actual amount received and credit their users accordingly (aka not based on invoice amount).
  3. Is your geographic location supported?
  4. Do you have the required technical knowledge or have a developer to help you with your integration?
    • We do our best to provide support to our integration partners, but some aspects of implementation are subjective to your site.
    • SpankPay will provide direct support on issues related to our SDK, however, at this time, we cannot help with building a custom integration.
  5. Does your site have a dedicated support rep?
    • Our support team is here to help with issues directly relating to SpankPay, but you will need to handle any site specific issues internally.  After setting up your integration, it's best to reach out to us with the name and email contact of your support specialist so we can direct any client-related issues that come to our support desk back to your support staff, as needed.
  6. Is your content legal?
    • No underage or obscene content is allowed.  See: Citizens guide to US federal laws on obscenity.
    • SpankPay cannot determine if your content is considered obscene according to the law. This is something you will need to determine ahead of time for yourself.
    • By using our site you are affirming that your site does not violate any US or local laws/regulations.
    • Do you own the rights to the content being provided?
    • Do you have the model's consent to use their images and/or likeness?
    • No doxxing.
  7. Is your business free from "prohibited content"?  Please review the following information: 

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, SpankPay might be the perfect solution for you.  Reach out to our support team at for questions and help on getting started.