APIs keys are used by SDK integrators to identify and authenticate themselves on the SpankPay platform.

Part of the initial setup for SDK users is identifying their API key, and configuring their invoices to include it.

Create and setup your SpankPay account

Production API Key

This is the key you need to use for your live/production environment.

You will also want to use your production API key while testing your response to our webhook. 

Staging API Key

You should use your staging key in your development environment while getting our SDK deployed and your invoices configured.

Using your staging (test) key will allow for displaying the "Pay With Test" Button when selecting a payment currency.

Clicking "Pay With Test" will mark the invoice as complete, and send a webhook to your callback URL.

Paying an invoice via the "Pay With Test" button will NOT create a payment object or trigger an account transaction.

Therefore the staging API key should NOT be used for webhook response testing, as the webhook will be incomplete.

Where can I find my API Key?

You can find you API keys in the Developer section of the SpankPay Dashboard navigation menu.

Selecting API Keys & Webhooks will take you to the following page:

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at support@spankchain.com