July 2022—After a successful soft-launch and exclusive sign-up at XBIZ Miami, SpankChain is pleased to extend sign-ups for the beta version of its latest product, SpankMatch, to all verified adult talent.     

Conceived as a seamless way for adult content creators to connect, collaborate, and create, the new platform empowers performers with a range of preferences to ensure they work where they want, when they want, with whom they want, and how they want—no exceptions or bad, on-set surprises.

We also shot a fun new commercial giving you a taste of our SpankMatch vibe, shot from the SpankHouse with help from local talent and blessed with literal unicorns and rainbows.

Check out our promo video!

A special thanks to our performers Janie Blade, Kaiia Eve, Oliver Faze, Kay Carter, Madison Morgan, Olive Glass, Olivia Jay, Rocky Emerson, Will Tile and to our director Mad Creativity.

SpankMatch is pleased to be offering cash rewards for public verifications for up to 1,000 Matchers. The team is also handing out sign-up and referral bonuses, plenty of swag, and prize giveaways.  SpankMate of the year, Brittany Andrews, has already started the party by setting up her profile on the new Match platform. 

Sign up today at www.spankmatch.com.