Feeling Lucky

Spring isn’t the only thing that has sprung over at Spank HQ. Time to shrug off those winter doldrums and start thinking about that bikini body. We’re kicking off the season of renewal with lots of sexy updates, initiatives, and exciting travel plans for the warmer months ahead. Here’s the latest and greatest in case you missed it:

Pinch me, Patty

We kicked off St. Patrick’s day with a sexy green-themed photo contest on Twitter, and lucky for us, the submissions did not disappoint.

@VegueroVzla, the winner of our Valentine’s Day contest, came in again in first place, taking home $300 dollars with abs that had all of us seeing green.

Coming in at second place and the winner of $200 was the busty and beautiful @nalaniemitchell.

And because we believe that the best kind of green is cash, we also selected 5 random winners to award $100. Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

Did someone order an update?

SpankPay V2 is locked and loaded, and with a little bit of residual luck from St. Patrick’s day, it’s set to launch in a few weeks. The new, spring-clean version comes with some fancy new perks. Now, crypto deposits and transfers between SpankPay accounts are free, and you only pay upon withdrawal. We also made a bunch of improvements, including cleaner withdrawals and a prettier UI.

Welcome to Miami

Chris Rock fans, kindly forgive the Will Smith reference. #TeamSpank is headed to Xbiz Miami this May. Ameen and the dream team will be setting up shop at a swanky bungalow. We made sure to pick a spot with a pool, because we’re planning on scheduling a bunch of sexy photoshoots. If you’re a model who’d like to lend us a helping hand (among other things), shoot us an email at hello@spankchain.com.

SpankMate of the Month

Bow down to Goddess Jessica, the tatted blond domme that will have you begging for mercy. This SpankMate of the Month is not to be f*cked with, that is unless her punishment is your pleasure. This sultry mistress doesn’t just know what she wants, she demands it. Check out her sexy snaps and read her full interview below.

Stage Name: Goddess Jessica
Instagram: Obeyjessurgoddess
Twitter: @Obeydgj
SpankPay Username: GoddessJessica

Where are you from? Utica, NY

What are your ambitions? I’m an unapologetic hedonist, so my ambitions are to enjoy myself.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can train a horse, and I can climb a coconut tree pretty fast...

What turns you on? I’ll answer this question by telling you what turns me off: Neediness. Pushiness. What’s the hurry? It turns me on when someone is composed enough to allow me to make the first move, which might be never.

What turns you off? I’ll answer this question by telling you what turns me on. Almost anything, if I put my mind to it.

What’s your dream job? Michelin restaurant inspector’s assistant. They do the work. I’m just there to eat and receive compliments.

What’s your perfect late night snack? Kimbap.

The secret to your heart is ____. Giving me whatever I want without question. Even better, knowing what I want before I even ask for it.

You love to ____ when no ones looking. Supine spinal twist.

What drives you wild? Double bass pedals.

What do you find sexy in a partner? Playfulness. Spontaneity. A gigantic dick.

You may look innocent but ____. Sometimes, I gaslight men into thinking they’re yelling when actually they are speaking at a normal volume.

What’s your favorite part of your body? I love my abdominal muscles. I love my toes, and I’m glad they’re getting the appreciation they deserve. I have really nice legs too.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Laying out a large spread of dildos that vary greatly in length and girth, and then allowing a sub to choose which one takes his anal virginity… and then, taking it away from him and choosing one 2–3 sizes up from that. Or maybe it’s when I put a dog shock collar on a sub for the day and zap him every time he forgets to say, “Yes, Goddess.”

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