Who is SpankPay SDK built for?

SpankPay SDK is made for anyone with their own website in the adult industry and operating within the bounds of their local rules and regulations.  We make accepting crypto easy, and getting paid in your preferred currencies just as simple. (Is my site a good match for integrating SpankPay?)

What currencies are supported?
SpankPay currently only supports BTC, ETH, USDC, and DAI.  Other currencies, such as LTC, are unsupported.

How do I get set up a Merchant Account?

Every account has the ability to be a merchant account, just follow the normal onboarding process.

One key thing to consider during account setup is your holding currency.  You have the options to select from USD, BTC, ETH, or PAYMENT CURRENCY.

How does my holding currency affect my bottom line?

No matter your holding currency, SpankPay collects a 0.5% fee on every withdrawal. All other fees are dependent on the transaction and your holding currency.  Here’s a list of the unique characteristics of each holding currency and their associated fees.

Ready to get started?

Check out our developer documents here for guides on how to get your site integrated with our payment SDK!  If you’re already a SpankPay SDK user, your API should still work with the new V2 backend changes.