Feel the Love

This past February, love wasn’t the only thing in the air at Spank HQ. We’re keeping that New-Year-better-Spank energy alive, and we’ve got nothing but feel-good news to report. Here’s the latest in case you missed it!

Contests are for lovers

It wouldn’t be a holiday with a contest. We rang in Valentine’s Day with a special photo contest on Twitter, and the submissions from our community did not disappoint!

Coming in at first place and the lucky winner of $300 was the scrumptiously sculpted @VegueroVzla. Congratulations!

Coming in at second place, and the recipient of a $200 cash prize was the positively perky @nalainemitchel. Get it girl!

And because cash is the gift that keeps on giving, we also awarded 5 random participants $100.


Team Spank came together in Colorado for ETHDenver, making sure to fit in some quality team-time with each other and friends of the brand. Ameen did his best to fit in some hacking as he performed his third summoning of Moloch, and he was also quite the busy bee on the networking front.

David Hoffman, Ameen Soleimani, Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews

Speaking of networking, our team had the pleasure of being seated near Vitalik, the esteemed founder of the Ethereum network. When the media and fanboys and girls caught wind of his presence, our friend Britney Andrews diverted a bit of the frenzy with her classic Mistress Mommy dom action, and she succeeded… for a little while.

Riding the wave on OpenSea

As you likely know, round three of Pop Shots sold out faster than you can say blockchain, but you can still snap up a piece of pornographic history on our resale market, OpenSea. Get ’em before they’re gone!

Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a free pack of the world’s sexiest NFTs.

SpankMate of the Month

February’s SpankMate of the Month is the stuff of your wildest manic-pixie-dream-girl fantasies. Introducing Demi Avery, the bud-smoking baddie with pink hair, perfect tits, and a heart of gold. Don’t let her innocent face fool you, this pint-size treat swings both ways. Hide your girlfriends and check out her full interview below!

Stage Name: Demi Avery

Twitter: @Itspusspuss

SpankPay Username: Pushpush

Where are you from? Cape Town, South Africa.

What are your ambitions? To leave the world a little better for having been here.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can out-smoke Snoop.

What turns you on? Money, power, respect.

What turns you off? Jorts.

What’s your dream job? Joint roller for Seth Rogen.

What’s your favorite late-night snack? Chunky chocolate from Japan.

The secret to your heart is ____. Hating the same things as me. :)

You love to ____ when no ones looking. Blow my weed vape smoke into my scarf on the plane.

____ drives you wild. Stomach tattoos.

What do you find sexy in a partner? Confidence but not arrogance.

You may look innocent but ____. I’ve fucked your wife.

What is the body feature you’re most confident about? My stupid little wrist.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Azaelia Banks.

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