New Year, Same Sexy Spank

Happy, healthy, and horny 2022! Team Spank slid confidently into the New Year like a sassy DM. We’ve got lots of exciting new updates in store for the next 365 days, and January was filled with nothing but good news. Here’s what happened, in case you haven’t been keeping up.

Maya Kendrick and SpankChain CEO Ameen Soleimani

Destination: Optimism

We’ve decided to migrate SpankBank to Optimism. The rollup scaling solution will help keep transactions fast and gas prices low. In January, we dropped the news on Discord to give everyone a month to migrate their SPANK to optimism to keep transactions fast and lower transaction fees. Starting February 15th, we’re measuring rewards from SPANK held on Optimism (no need to stake anymore), along with Optimism LPs on SUSHI and Uniswap. Please make sure to check out the SpankBank Discord channel for more information.

All Business at Xbiz

In light of COVID-19 related restrictions, we played it safe at Xbiz, trading our typical debauchery for chill hangs in the hot tubs and photoshoots with some of our favorite stars.

All work and a little bit of play is not as dull as it seems, but we’re looking forward to turning things up again in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Pop Shots Round 3: Sold Out!

Gird your loins folks, because this drop was quite the doozy. We warmed up 2022 by dropping SpankPay Pop Shots, 3rd Edition at the end of the month, and it sold out a week later.

If you missed out, we’ve still got you covered. Shop for your favorite talent by heading over to our resale market on OpenSea. Ahoy, matey!

See ya soon, ETHDenver!

Team Spank is headed to Denver, so come on down… or up, and make sure to say hi the gang. We’ve got a lot of fun things planned, including the Hackathon and an exciting new content shoot at our Denver House.

SpankMate of the Month: Penelope Reed

Everyone loves a busty girl-next-door, and our SpankMate of the month is serving that saucy combination of innocence and sex appeal. With her doe eyes and bombshell silhouette, Penelope Reed is the kind of girl that wet dreams are made of. Learn more about this sweet and sultry SpankMate in the exclusive interview below!

Stage Name: Penelope Reed

Instagram Handle: @Holographickiwii

Twitter Handle: @PReedXXX


Where are you from? San Jose, California

What are your ambitions? I love to write and travel. I’m constantly on the move.

Do you have any hidden talents? I’m a very good swimmer… I can do underwater scenes. ?

What turns you on? Any kind of breath play, asphyxiation, etc.

What turns you off? Licking my ears. ?

What’s your dream job? I love a job that gives me enough free time to travel and do what I want! I am very happy right now.

What’s your favorite late-night snack? Hummus and grape tomatoes.

The way to your heart is ____. Cats and more cats.

You love to ____ when no ones looking. Dance (interpretive).

What do you find sexy in a partner? Confidence.

You may look innocent but ____ Look up my tweets under (PReedXXX, dick) and (PReedXXX, dirt)

Your favorite body feature is ____ I love my legs and my tits. I talk about them all the time #mommymilkers

What’s your guilty pleasure? I rewatch Buffy all the time.

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