Due to SpankPay's strict "zero chargeback" policy, there might be an instance when a debit card transaction fails. More often than none, it would be due to "high fraud risk". The following points are considered high fraud risk and might result in a debit card payment declining:

1. Only debit card payments are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.  What's the difference?

2. Check with your bank-issued card to see if you have any holds/blocks for cryptocurrency transactions. 

3. Apple Cash Cards and Prepaid Cards are not accepted - At the moment, we are not able to process payments from prepaid cards like Apple Cash Cards, Cashapp, Transferwise, Revolut, N26, and others.

4. Review your Apple Pay info and card billing info - If you're having issues with Apple Pay, and if you've moved recently, it's possible that you may be entering a new billing address before it has been updated with your financial institution. Be sure to check with your bank to ensure your records are up to date.

5. Visa and MasterCard only

6. Cards connected to business accounts not allowed 

7. P.O. BOX address not accepted 

8. You will need to use a mobile phone # and not a landline/VOIP #  - In order to complete a transaction with Wyre, you must use a mobile phone number. Landline, VOIP, Google Voice, and prepaid phone numbers are not accepted.

9. If you use a different device to complete the transaction.  For example, if you begin the transaction on a laptop and complete the transaction on your phone.  Make sure that you use the same device throughout the checkout process.

10. Clear your browser history/cache and cookies

11. The customer's card is over the limit for the week/month.  Please check this doc for more info on limits.

12. The email used during the transaction was newly created.  Please use an established email account.

13. The card owner is located in a prohibited state/country.  Here is a list of those regions.

If the problem persists, please wait 1-2 business days since your last attempted transaction before attempting another purchase.

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at support@spankchain.com