Spank HQ for the Holidays

Baby, it’s getting cold outside. Good thing we have a bunch of new updates for you to cozy on up to. 2021 has been quite the ride over at Spank HQ, and we’re ramping up for a smashing 2022.

You get what you give away

Is it hot in here, or is it just our winter-themed giveaway? To celebrate the season of giving, we launched a holiday giveaway and things got more than a little steamy. We asked our SpankPay stars on Twitter to share some sexy snaps and awarded $300 to the snow-babe with the most retweets, $200 to our runner-up, and $100 to 5 randomly selected winners.

A special shoutout to our first place winner and Christmas cutie, Tilly Kush, and everyone else who participated.

Naughty and nice

We’d like to take this newsletter as an opportunity to give Brittany Andrews a special shoutout for supporting the crypto cause on Twitter.

Findoms and Mommy Doms would be wise to listen to what Mistress has to say. SpankPay is the best way to make your crypto-slaves and pay-pigs pony up.

We’re getting XBiz-y

All you Hollywood fans, say cheese! Get your New Year off to a sexy start and come make a memory with us at our photo-booth at XBiz January 7–8th.

Good things in life are worth the wait

Hold onto your socks, 2022 is coming in hot! At SpankChain, we’ve been wading deep in code and designs, preparing to blow your mind with explosive new treats. That means our team is taking a bit of time to make sure the upcoming Pop Shots drop lands silky smooth. Don’t worry, we like a good tease, but not for too long. You can look forward to your favorite sexy NFTs early next year.

SpankMate of the Month: Gabi Paltrova

Dropping temperatures got you feeling frisky? Our SpankMate of the Month, Gabi Paltrova, will definitely light your fire. This Chi-town native joined us in sunny California for a hot pink bikini-clad, poolside photoshoot that left us wanting to take a dip. Even Ameen couldn’t resist getting in on the action. Want to know the way to this juicy-lipped baddie’s heart? Read her interview to find out!

SpankPay: Funsizedhuman

Instagram: @funsizedhuman

Twitter: @gabipaltrova

Hometown: Chicago.

What are your career ambitions? Microbiology.

Any hidden talents? Hip-hop dancing.

What turns you on? Someone who knows how to kiss me.

What turns you off? Toxic folk.

What’s your dream job? Mycologist.

Your perfect late-night snack is ____. Edamame.

The secret to your heart is ____. Good food.

You love to ____ when no one’s watching. Dance.

What drives you wild? Beautiful women.

What do you find sexy in a partner? How they carry themselves and their personality.

You may look innocent but ____. I’m a baddie.

Your favorite body feature is ____. My lips.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Turkish delights.

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