No Tricks, Just Treats

It may not be pumpkin-flavored, but Team Spank is bringing a whole lot of spice this fall. Spooky season got off to a very sexy start, and we’re looking forward to keeping up the momentum. If you were too busy bobbing for ehem… apples or picking out your Halloween costume, here’s what you missed.

Third time’s the charm

If you have yet to get in on our NFT action, you’re in luck. The third round of Spank PopShots is coming to a blockchain near you! Mind you, last time, the drop sold out in a matter of days, so make sure to get in on the action before it’s too late.

In the meantime, you can still get your hands on cards from Spank PopShots 1st and 2nd Edition through our secondary market, OpenSea. Remember, models earn royalties on all resales, so there really is no better way to support your favorite performers than by investing in a piece of adult history. Lain Murphy got some extra love and sold her NFT for 0.5 ETH, a bounty worth over two thousand dollars!

By the way, recruiting is already well underway for Spank PopShots performers, but we’re always open to connecting with new talent. If you’re a blockchain-curious cutie, SpankChain is looking for new faces to join our ranks. To get cast, fill out our model form, and we’ll be in touch!

Boo! It’s a giveaway

Tits out for Halloween! We rang in the spookiest night of the year, with a content contest on Twitter with some serious cash rewards (sure beats stale candy, if you ask us).

Coming in at first place and the winner of $300 was Allison Ivy in a sultry clown get-up that was no laughing matter. We think it shows off her best assets, how about you?

Making headlines and taking names

SpankChain’s Community Manager, Sydney Leathers, chatted with Mel Magazine about sex worker advocacy and life after Weiner-gate. Since making headlines in 2013 for a saucy text exchange with a certain New York congressperson, Sydney has managed to make sex positivity lemonade out of tabloid lemons, and we’re so glad to have her as part of the team.

From coding bootcamp to sextech

Sextech is exactly what it sounds like, technology for the sex industry, and we’re into it big time. Here at Spankchain, we’re fortunate to work with countless talented individuals, many near and dear to us serving on the front lines as sex workers. Today, we give a special call out to one badass woman who is working behind the scenes to help shape the future of the adult industry. Arielle graduated from bootcamp and came to SpankChain with two dreams: to write cool code and to work in sextech. Her talent and enthusiasm became quickly apparent, and she grew to become a full fledged software engineer.

Since Arielle also loves to share a good thing and challenge social taboos, this October she returned to her bootcamp, offering to tell her sextech story. It was touch and go for a moment, but through charm and wit, she got permission from the legal department to tell her story — a story so compelling that it led to yet another hire, and one step closer to mainstream sexual liberation!

SpankMate of the Month: Angel Oceana

SpankPay: AngelOceana

Instagram: @TheAngelOceana

Twitter: @TheAngelOceana

Don’t let her name fool you, there’s nothing innocent about our October SpankMate, Angel Oceana. This baddie brought the heat straight from the fiery depths of hell in her appropriately scary bathroom shoot, and let’s just say things got a little messy. The key to this devilish dame‘s heart (assuming that she has one), is to put your money where her mouth is… if you catch our drift.

Make sure to check out our interview with Angel below!

Where are you from? Detroit.

What are your ambitions for the future? To be the most beautiful I can ever be.

Do you have any hidden talents? Head game crazy.

What turns you on? Money.

What turns you off? Men being greedy.

Your ultimate dream job is ____. I do not dream or labor.

What’s your perfect late-night snack? Mango popsicles.

You love to ____ when no ones looking. If there is no audience there is no show.

What drives you wild? Long walks to the ATM.

What do you find sexy in a partner? When he has trickillitis.

You may look innocent but ____. I’ll break your heart.

Your favorite body feature is ____. Everything about me is perfect

What’s your guilty pleasure? Sitting in a man’s section and runnin’ up his bill.

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