Back to School with Spank

Summer may be over, but fall is off to a very hot start over at Spank HQ — like hotter than a pumpkin spice latté hot. We’re talking platform overhauls, secret projects, and more press coverage than we know what to do with (just kidding, we know exactly what to do with it). Anyway, without any further ado… here’s our September highlights.

Feelin’ the love

Everyone’s talking about Spank PopShots!

On the heels of the wildly successful pre-sale of the first edition of Spank PopShots, our second round sold out in three days. Spank PopShots, 2nd Edition featured a host of new faces. A special shoutout to our performers and to YNOT and Xbiz for keeping our community excited and up to date since day one of this endeavor!

By the way, if you missed out on our second drop, you can still cop a piece of porn history on OpenSea, where the resale market is still hot. One Pop Shot model took the baseball analogy all the way home and took a baseball bat into her outfield… if you know what we mean. You can buy Brittany Andrew’s Grand Slam NFT and see the rest of the 2nd Edition cards on Spank Pop Shots. Don’t forget that models earn royalties from secondary market sales so you’re always supporting your favorite models when you buy their NFTs!

For the love of a DAO: MCON

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) can serve a variety of functions: they often function as voting polls and fundraising platforms to enhance coordination. One thing is for sure, though: DAOs are the future of sex work. Adult community members can bypass the conservative red tape of traditional financing and become stakeholders of a cohesive vision, empowering them to have more control in their careers and the industry at large. Through a token economy, participants will be able to fund community efforts and support their interests through voting and token mechanisms.

The beauty of a DAO is that it offers 100% transparency: every vote and dollar is tracked and visible to everyone. DAO activity can influence politics, fund advocacy efforts, and seed new projects. There are even rumblings of a decrim DAO on the horizon.

DAOs have been around for a while, and after years of iteration, they are finally going mainstream. At MCON, DAOs were a central topic of conversation. Ameen and the team went to Denver for MCON to talk about all things DAO. The festivities kicked off on the dance floor at the Pussy Riot show with our friends Cryptonatrix, Brittnay Andrews, and Maya Kendrick.

Our ladies got “DAO-pilled,” listening in on several talks and panels, which sparked several conversations about advancing coordination to support sex workers’ rights and culture.

Meet our September SpankMate: Sheena Rose!

Who wouldn’t want a kiss from this Rose? Sheena Rose may be a lot of things, but shy isn’t one of them. Things got a bit nippy at our SpankMate shoot, and we’re not just talking about that brisk fall breeze. Check out her full interview below!

SpankPay: SheenaRose

Instagram: @xSheenxSheenx

Twitter: @SheenxSheen

Where are you from? Vegas.

What are your ambitions? To finish school!

Do you have any hidden talents? Only my deep throat.

What turns you on? Nice teeth and dirty talk.

What turns you off? Bad breath.

What’s your ultimate dream job? What I’m doing now, then in my second life (after school), I will be a sex therapist.

What’s your favorite late night snack? Hot Cheetos.

The secret to your heart is ____. Food.

You love to ____ when no ones looking. I like to put on a show, I do everything when everyone is looking.

What drives you wild? Getting my toes sucked.

What do you find sexy in a partner? Loyalty.

You may look innocent but ____. I don’t look innocent.

What part of your body do you like the most? My eyes.

Name a guilty pleasure. Marijuana.

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