SpankMatch is only available to established adult talent at this time.  Our motivation for this is to have SpankMatch remain a professional network.  In order to prove you are an established professional, you will need to provide the following in order to get verified:

  • You shoot professional pornography for studios
  • You have an active ClipStore (e.g. ManyVids, OnlyFans, iWantClips, MFC Share)
  • You shoot content with other adult talent (if you only cam, you cam with others as well)
  • You are not using SpankMatch to find your first bookings with other models - you have already established yourself and produced content


1)  If I'm rejected because I'm currently not established enough, can I reapply?

Yes, once you have enough content to prove that you are now an established adult talent, please resubmit your verification request and we will review it.

2)  Is there a minimum number of clips?

No strict minimum of clips, but in practice we're looking for around 5 videos (to prove that you are committed to producing pornography), ideally with at least 2 different partners (to prove that you are interested in producing porn with other adult talent)

3)  What if all my content is behind a paywall?

If you can share a link to a NSFW trailer (Twitter or PornHub is fine), or give us free access to your account.

4)  What if all my content is with one person?

SpankMatch is only for established talent at this time and so we want to prioritize that talent.  Once you have decided to take the leap into shooting with multiple partners, we would love to have you verify your SpankMatch account and connect with other talent on the site.

5)  How long will these strict "established talent only" rules be in place? When will you open SpankMatch up to beginners and other roles?

We don't have a set date, but are thinking that it could take around 6-12 months for the initial network of talent to form before we feel comfortable enough to safely open the platform up to more people.

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at