Our banking provider, Wyre, requires a minimum amount for banking withdrawals.  The minimum amount will depend on the country in which your bank is located.  (Information on crypto withdrawal minimums can be found here)

As of this publication, the current minimum amounts required for banking withdrawals are:

Why are international minimums higher than USD?

USD is able to be withdrawn via ACH, whereas other currencies require a bank wire transfer.  Bank wires typically have higher fees, with international bank wires having the highest fees.  To ensure that the higher international fees aren't being applied to amounts that are too low, a standard minimum is set per currency.

For more information, you can check out Wyre's website, or if you have questions regarding banking withdraw fees, you can visit our help doc.

Our support team is happy to help answer any questions you have regarding banking or withdrawing.  For questions, please email us at support@spankchain.com.