You can quickly and easily fund your SkyPrivate account using SpankPay.  Follow these steps:

1) Login to your SkyPrivate account

2) Click "add funds" on the left side panel"

3) Choose the amount you'd like to add, also be sure to select "crypto" and then click "next step":

4) Click "confirm"

5) Select the type of crypto you want to transfer:

6) Copy the wallet address and paste it into the crypto platform where your funds are stored.  Once you press "send", the transfer will initiate:

Note:  Make sure that the crypto you are choosing to send matches what you are sending.  For example, if you paste an Ethereum wallet address into a Bitcoin wallet, the funds will be lost and cannot be recovered.

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at