I just withdrew from SpankPay to my crypto wallet.  How do I find out how much I was charged?

There are two resources you can use depending on what network you're using to transfer: 

You can check Ethereum fees on Etherscan and Bitcoin fees on BlockChair.

(Note:  SpankPay uses the Ethereum network for USD (or fiat) transactions, including bank withdrawals.)

To find these fees, go to either Etherscan or Blockchair depending on the currency you transferred.  You'll enter the wallet address where you sent the funds.  You can find that in your SpankPay wallet by opening the specific transaction:

You'll enter the recipient address in the search field (Example on Etherscan) and then locate your specific transaction. Click the Txn Hash (Transaction hash) to open up the transaction to view it.  (Note: If you're seeing several transactions, try sorting by "date" to narrow it down):

Once opened, the transaction fees will appear:

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at support@spankchain.com