Wanna get some Pop Shots?  Here's how:

How to buy a pack

1) On the homepage, click "Buy Now" or "Buy a pack":

2) Click "LOG IN" at the top of the page, or click on "click to add" on the purchase page:

3) If you're using a third party wallet address, enter it in the "ETH" wallet address field and click "connect".  Otherwise, login to your Metamask account:

Note: If you want to buy the Pop Shot as a gift, or have it minted to a different wallet, make sure you put the desired recipient wallet address. Otherwise the Pop Shots will default to being minted to the MetaMask address you log in with.

4) Select the wallet that you'd like to connect and click "next":

5) Click "connect":

6) Once you've connected your wallet, the address will populate in both the upper right corner and also on the purchase page.  Now you can purchase your pack!

7) Select how you want to pay.  For questions regarding paying via debit or crypto, please visit this help doc.

8) Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL!!!

How do I view my collection?

Click "my collection" at the top to view the cards you purchased.  You can click each individual card to reveal both the card photo and video.

Click on a card to open the card and view the card details:

Note: Once card minting is complete, you will have the option to click on the link to view your card in OpenSea, in order to sell or transfer ownership.

How do I sell my Pop Shots?

How do I transfer my Pop Shots to another ETH wallet?

For questions regarding Pop Shots, please reach out to our support team at: support@spankchain.com