Spank Pop Shots are one-of-a-kind, minted NFT's that you can buy, sell, or trade!  Each pack of Pop Shots contains four steamy XXX-rated cards featuring our hottest talent.   Cards are generated randomly during checkout and feature five levels of nudity:

1st base (1st) - Non-nude

2nd base (2nd) - Topless

3rd base (3rd) - Full nude

Home Run (HR) - In-the-act

Grand Slam (GS) - Model's choice

Unicorn - Mystery card (Rare)

There are over 100 cards that can generate, so the more you buy, the more chances of collecting them all!


Our NFTs are a collectable piece of digital art accompanied by a unique serial number.

Verified models

Each Spank Pop Shot features a verified model.  Watch the value of your card increase as these rising stars take off!

Support your favorite model

Proceeds from your purchase go directly to the model.

Resell on secondary markets

You can trade with other NFT holders to build your dream Pop Shot collection!


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How do I get Metamask?

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How do I sell my Pop Shots on OpenSea?

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