We are continuously adding new banking support all the time.  If your country is currently not supported, no need to worry.  You can still use SpankPay to accept tips anywhere in the world.  

The best option would be to set your "payment currency" to a crypto such as BTC or ETH.  You can do that here. Whichever option you select, that's what your tips will be stored in once they hit your SpankPay account.  Note: Changing your payment currency will NOT convert tips that are already in your wallet.  It will only convert future tips that are sent.

When you're ready to withdraw, simply click "withdraw" on your SpankPay account and enter an external crypto wallet address for where you want to send your funds.  You can set up an external wallet address through several types of online platforms.  You'll want to research which platform works best in your country and allows for banking withdraws to that country.  To learn more about how to export to an external crypto wallet, please visit our help docs:

How do I send or receive crypto?

How do I withdraw crypto?

Each coin will have their own wallet address.  You'll need to make sure that the wallet you're sending to is the same crypto currency as what you are withdrawing.  For example, if you're withdrawing Bitcoin, you'll need to make sure you're sending your funds to a Bitcoin wallet.  If you try to send your coins to a wallet that is not the same coin type, your transfer will be lost.

Our support team is happy to help answer any questions you have regarding banking or withdrawing.  For questions, please email us at support@spankchain.com.