Gas and fees are charged on top of the withdrawal amount. You cannot withdraw more than your balance + transaction fees. To make things easy, we added a max button to allow you to withdraw your entire balance.

You must withdraw to the same type of wallet as your currency. For example, if you are withdrawing BTC, you must withdraw to a BTC wallet.

For help withdrawing to a crypto wallet, click here.

Total Fees = 0.5% Processing Fee + gas + 1% swap fee (if applicable)

Example:  If you withdraw $1000 of BTC, your account will be charged a (0.5%) processing fee of $5 plus blockchain gas fees. Therefore, if gas were $1, you would receive $1,000 of BTC in your wallet and $1,006 would be dedicated from your SpankPay balance.

*If you're withdrawing from crypto to USD, you'll also incur an additional 1% swap fee.

Note: Gas fees will vary per transaction based on factors such as network usage, etc.

For banking withdrawal fees and minimums, please visit our help doc here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at: