Being able to accept debit card payments is a huge bonus with SpankPay!  Accept fiat from anywhere in the world at any time.

Debit card purchase country limits:


Weekly - $500.00

Monthly - $2,000.00

Yearly - $5,000.00

USA debit users can now raise their purchasing limits!  Check out how to get your limits raised up to:

Per Transaction - $2,500.00

Monthly - $7,500.00

Yearly - $100,000.00


Weekly - $1,000.00

Monthly - $4,000.00

Yearly - $7,500.00

Limits work on a rolling basis.  Therefore, if your client reaches their weekly limit on a Friday, they would have to wait 7 days (until the next Friday) to make another purchase.


There are no limits when your customers tip you in crypto.  Enjoy!

For questions regarding limits, reach out to our support team at: