We’ve made tipping your favorite model easy as pie!  Whether you want to tip via debit card or crypto, your funds will be sent safely and securely.  We also value your privacy, so your real information will never appear anywhere.  If you choose to pay via debit card, you will see "Wyre" (our banking provider) listed on your bank statement.  We like to be discreet!  This help doc will help you understand how to pay with both crypto AND debit card.  

First, we will show you how to tip with crypto...

1) The model will send you a secure link which will take you to their SpankPay.me payment screen.  Simply enter the amount you'd like to tip:

2) To send a payment with crypto, select the crypto token you’d like to transfer (example ETH):

3) Copy the wallet address and paste it into the crypto platform where your crypto funds are stored.  Once you press “send”, the transfer will initiate:

Note:  Make sure that the crypto you are choosing to send matches what you are sending.  For example, if you paste an Ethereum wallet address into a Bitcoin wallet, the funds will be lost and cannot be recovered.

4. When your payment has completed, the model will see the transaction appear in their SpankPay wallet.  They will also receive an email confirmation, as well.


Now, let's take a look at the tipping process for debit cards...

1) The model will send you a secure link which will take you to their SpankPay.me payment screen where you will enter the amount you'd like to tip:

2)  Click the option to "checkout with debit card":

Note:  At this time, SpankPay does not accepted credit card payments.

3) Click "continue":

4) Click "card payments" and be sure to select the "terms" box and click "next":

5) Enter your information and then click "submit":

Note:  You will want to enter your cell phone number in the "contact" section.  The verification process requires a text message be sent to your cell phone with a code that you will enter in the next step.

6) Enter the code that was sent to your phone and click "authorize transaction":

7) Login to your bank account and check your "pending" authorizations.  You will see a transaction for .10 cents pending.  Copy and paste the 6 digit code listed on that pending transaction:

Note: SpankPay requires this for security purposes.  If this information is entered incorrectly or skipped, the authorization will decline and you will get a notice that the payment was not sent.

8) Once your payment is complete, you will receive an invoice number which you can keep for your records.  The model will receive an email notification when the payment has been confirmed.

If you experience any trouble, or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team directly at: support@spankchain.com