2021 may have gotten off to a bit of a bumpy start, but we’re happy to report that things have been going just swimmingly at Spank HQ. Despite the pandemic, we have every intention of making good on our New Year’s resolutions and hitting all our targets this year.

Start your engines: 2021 Roadmap

Improving SpankPay is our top priority right now, and we have some ambitious goals! First things first, we’re updating our banking options to support EU, UK, and Australian banks so we can be inclusive of our friends across the ponds. We’re also exploring direct deposit to debit cards for even more ways to cash out and working to lower withdrawal fees. And in case you prefer to save, we’re planning on integrating DeFi savings to offer interest on SpankPay USD deposits!

100k giveaway

In light of the Visa Mastercard vs. PornHub debacle, we wanted to do something nice for the performer community… to the tune of 100k in Bitcoin. For those of you who aren’t up to speed. Visa Mastercard pulled out (!) of PornHub, eliminating transactions on the platform due to accusations regarding the nature of some of the content on the platform. While we thoroughly condemn any content that features illegal activity and non-consensual acts, Visa Mastercard pretty much threw the baby out with the bathwater on this one. When legacy banking companies discriminate against the adult industry on such a sweeping scale (as they are wont to do), it does less to solve the problem of illegal activity than it does to harm the livelihoods of legitimate adult performers. SpankPay responded to this SNAFU by launching a massive 100k giveaway to onboard new users and educate sex workers about the advantages of cryptocurrency.

Lights! Camera! Brenna!

Over at SpankPay, we chatted with Brenna Sparks, adult baddie and Crypto Queen, about her three favorite things about Bitcoin.

If there’s one thing this blockchain babe finds sexy, it’s sovereignty and the peace of mind that comes with knowing her hard-earned cash is hers to keep. Curious to learn more? Make sure to catch her sexy clip.

Funny story, when we recorded this, Bitcoin was the 27th most valuable currency in the world. As of this writing, it has ascended to #14… top 10 soon (!

SpankPay x Flirt4Free

We also recently partnered up with camming mega-site Flirt4Free to help their customers accept crypto. Head over to and share your love and BTC gains with some of their lovely models!

Here kitty, kitty

Meet the first SpankMate of the month of 2021: Kyra Kitty. We did a winter-themed shoot with this Wisconsin-born, Colorado-based snow bunny, and let’s just say things got steamy. The blonde, all-American stunner is equal parts sugar and spice, so don’t let that sweet-as-pie face fool you. This badass babe knows what she wants and you’re not going to be able to resist giving it to her!

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What are your ambitions?

To own my own day spa/medi spa and keep creating magic as a freelance model!

Any hidden talents?

I can sing and hula hoop…I also never lose a game of jenga.

What turns you on?

Good hygiene, ambition, effort, [and] honesty.

What turns you off?

Disrespect, bad attitudes, and bad eyebrows.

Your ultimate dream job is ____

I’m living it… [I’m] an esthetician and [a] business owner.

Your perfect late night snack is ____


You love to ____ when no ones looking.


____ drives you wild.

Good music.

What do you find sexy in a partner?


You may look innocent but ____.

I grew up shooting guns, fishing, and driving ATV’s all day.

Your favorite body feature is ____.

My lips.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love cartoons.

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