There are two places to trigger a crypto withdrawal. 

1. The main withdrawal button is on the left hand side of your Dashboard


2. You can also click the Crypto Wallet link on your dashboard, then click on the specific cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw.


3.  Next enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the recipient wallet address. Then, click the pink withdraw button at the bottom right.


Note: If you selected USD as your Holding Currency, your Current Balance will be automatically converted to ETH at the time of withdrawal.

***Note: You can only withdraw and transfer ETH to an ERC20 compatible wallet; or BTC to a Bitcoin compatible wallet.

Exchanging Your Crypto

If you would like to exchange your crypto currency to fiat money, you will need to sign up with a local crypto exchange. When making your SpankPay withdrawal, you will need to enter the address provided by the exchange in the recipient address field. US residents can sign up with exchanges like Gemini.

After depositing your crypto into the exchange address, you will then need to use the Trade feature to swap the crypto to fiat money. Exchange rates apply.

Note:  Before using an exchange account, It is customary to provide personal information, including photos of your ID, to verify your account.