With SpankPay, you can either withdraw your funds to your bank account or transfer them out of SpankPay to a third party crypto wallet.

1) Go to your SpankPay dashboard and hover over the coin you'd like to withdraw and click the "withdraw" button:

2) Enter the amount you'd like to withdraw:

3) Select to withdraw to either your bank account or crypto wallet (if choosing to send to a crypto wallet, paste the wallet address in the address field:

6) Click "continue" to preview to preview and confirm:

Depending on the type of currency you're sending, it could take upwards of 30 minutes for your funds to hit your third party wallet.  In the meantime, you will see the "pending" transaction in your SpankPay transactions list.

*IMPORTANT: When sending crypto from your SpankPay account to a third party crypto wallet always remember to check if you are sending the same type of crypto that the wallet accepts. For example, you cannot send Ethereum to a Bitcoin address or vice versa.  If crypto is sent to the wrong wallet address, your funds will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Ethereum addresses are long strings of letters and numbers starting with a “0x”. 

Here’s an example: 0xe79c3300773E8593fb332487E1EfdD8729b87445. 

Bitcoin addresses always start with a “1” or “3”. 

Here’s a Bitcoin address example: 1BoatSLRHtKNngkdXEeobR76b53LETtpyT

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at support@spankchain.com