Your Holding Currency influences how incoming payments are converted and stored. 

Since user may send payments in multiple currencies. Incoming payments will be converted to whichever currency you set as your Holding Currency

Your Holding Currency will heavily influence your Current BalanceBelow is a visual explanation of how different Holding Currency settings work:


USD is the default currency. All payments received will be converted to the value of USD. If someone sends you $10 worth of ETH, BTC, etc. it will remain at $10.

If you select ETH or BTC as your Holding Currency, all incoming payments will be converted to the value of that currency at the time your payment is received. 

If Payment Currency is selected, all payments will be held at whatever currency was used in the transaction. For example, an ETH payment will be held in ETH, USD as USD, etc.

Note: If you want to ensure it is in a specific fiat currency (paper money), this tends to be the more predictable option, but you may also choose to have your funds held in ETH or BTC. If you choose a crypto option, we want to remind you these currencies may be subject to market volatility; however, they may be selected as a speculative investment.