Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security by requiring an additional encrypted code when you log in to your account.  It's not necessary to enable this feature, it's simply an added security bonus if you choose to use it.  We recommend you enable this feature if you plan to hold more than $1,000 in your SpankPay account at a time.


In SpankPay, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is located in the 'Securitysection in your 'Account Settings.'

In order to enable 2FA on your SpankPay account, you'll want to go to your phone's app store and download a 2FA app (such as Google Authenticator).

To configure, click the Enable Two-Factor button and scan the QR code with an authenticator app on your mobile device.

Enter the 6 digit code generated by your authenticator, then click Activate.

While you're in the 2FA app, you'll scan the QA code in SpankPay.  This will automatically link your SpankPay account to you 2FA app.  Once the setup is complete, each time you login to your SpankPay account, you will need to go into your 2FA app and get the 6 digit code (which is re-generated every 30 seconds) and input that into the SpankPay login screen once prompted.  Please be careful not to delete your 2FA app unless you've already disabled the 2FA login on your SpankPay account otherwise you might lose access to your SpankPay account.

Once activated, you will be given a code to restore access to the 2FA in the event you ever lose the link or your device. Please keep this code in a safe place.

If you have any further questions, our support team is happy to help.  Feel free to email us anytime at