Create your SpankPay account in a matter of minutes by going to and then clicking 'Get Started.'


To create your SpankPay account please complete the sign-up process outlined below: 

1. Create an Account:

First enter in your preferred login details and a valid Email address. 


2. Verify your Email:

In order to make sure you are using a valid Email, you will receive an Email from SpankPay with a link to click which will automatically link you back to SpankPay to finish creating your account.


Note: If you do not see an Email from SpankPay please check your spam or promotions folder.

3. Finish Onboarding:

Onboarding walks you through all the necessary steps you will need to complete in order to take full advantage of SpankPay. 




Note: If for any reason you want to skip a step, you can always complete it later by visiting the Quickstart menu, which is located in your Dashboard once logged in.