Go to https://bank.spankchain.com



Click MetaMask in top right corner to Connect Staking or Delegate Wallet (if different than staking)





Click View your staker profile


From this page, you have a few options to manage your stake.

Check In


Every period you will need to check in for the next one if you want to claim BOOTY. You can also optionally extend your stake to maintain or increase the amount of SPANK counted towards your SpankPoints. SpankPoints dictate your place in proportion to others when determining BOOTY distribution.

Extend Stake (optional)




Confirm Transaction


Transaction Confirmation


Wait for transaction to mine, and the site to register the confirmed transaction.

Check In Successful


You're now checked in for the next period, and can claim your BOOTY at the end of the current one!

Apart from the most important actions like checking in and claiming BOOTY, you also have a couple of more options.

Update BOOTY Address


Click the pencil icon to update your BOOTY address. Enter in your new address, and click Update. Confirm the transaction, and the address will update.

It is highly recommended to change this to your SpankPay address. 

Update Delegate Address


You can set a different Delegate Address to manage periodic check ins and claims. This is useful if you want to stake from a hardware wallet, but easily manage your stake from MetaMask, or you are using a multisig wallet like the Gnosis Multisig, and want to use just a single key from there. Similar to the Staking address, a Delegate Address can be only used to manage a single stake.

Click the pencil icon to update your Delegate address. Enter in your new address, and click Update. Confirm the transaction, and the address will update.

Split Stake


Let's say you want to let some or most of your stake expire, but keep some staked. You can split some or all of your stake between another address. The same starting and ending periods will be the same.

Enter New Stake Information


Enter your information for the new stake.

NOTE: The Staking and Delegate Addresses cannot have been used for staking and/or delegating before.

Confirm Transaction


Confirm the transaction, and your stake will be split. Be sure to login with your new staking/delegate address when managing your new stake!